Client Testimonials

“CKC is a company with integrity – what they say they will do, they do.  I would without a doubt trust and recommend CKC to anyone who is contacted for their service.  This recovery experience was indeed handled in a professional manner and with minimal effort on my part.  Thanks CKC Enterprises!”

Ray L.

Englewood, FL

“As a result of the times in which we live, my wife and I were somewhat skeptical when we were contacted by CKC regarding the estate of my late father-in-law.  After speaking with them about the details of the matter, we decided to proceed and find out what could be done to recover the funds that we were unaware of that remained in his estate.


I must say, CKC was professional in every way and helped us recover thousands of dollars that legally belonged to my wife and we would never have known about.  They walked us through the process and were responsive and helpful.  Everything they told us was correct and all their advice was greatly appreciated.  Our experience with CKC was very beneficial for us and we would highly recommend them.”

Tom K.

Boynton Beach, FL

“The experience and the process of working with CKC Enterprises as a shocked and surprised recipient of funds that I never imagined existed, enables me to easily write a testimonial.  CKC Enterprises has proven that they provide a service that holds itself to the highest level of integrity and professionalism.  As a former bank employee, I, like all other bank employees, had to be trained in the area of consumer fraud, so it is with confidence that I can say that CKC Enterprises is a legitimate, trustworthy company that provides a remarkable humanitarian service.”

Linda T.

Burnsville, NC


I was slightly skeptical when I received the letter from CKC Enterprises regarding unclaimed funds possibly owed to me from my parent’s estate.  After reading the letter thoroughly I realized I had nothing to lose by calling.  I spoke with Colin and after he verified who I was, he walked me through all the steps.  I would highly recommend the company to anyone.  Thank you Colin and CKC Enterprises!

G. Harris

 Joshua, TX


First thought this was a scam, but after talking to Colin I was reassured.  The end result was ‘Just Great!’ found money (much needed) and all I had to do was sign an agreement and let Colin do all the work and deal with the frustration.  He earned every penny of his reasonable percentage.”

Norma M.

Salisbury, MD


“We had a home that was built in 1954.  It was my husband’s childhood home and left to him by his parents.  The house had been rented for a couple of years, and we had put quite a bit of money into the home to even get it into rental condition.  When the current renters decided to move out, we found out that the house was going to need another $40,000 to $50,000 to fix major structural problems that had occurred over the years.  There was just no way we could come up with another huge amount of money to get it into saleable condition.  I made a few phone calls, and we were so fortunate to be put in touch with Kathy Clinton (Vice President, CKC Enterprises).  She was professional, knowledgeable, and kept us up-to-date on every detail.  Since we lived in another state from where the closing was, we really relied on her and her contacts to get the job done, and she came through for us at every turn.  What originally was a very stressful time for us, turned into a pleasant experience, and we were paid a fair price for the home for the condition it was in.  I highly recommend Kathy Clinton for any real estate requirements you may have.

Bob & Kathy Murphy

Palm City, FL






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